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For Divorce Professionals

Maria is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and a Certified Divorce Specialist™

working with divorce professionals in North Carolina, and across the United States, helping clients feel understood, inspired and gain clarity during this process to find the right answers and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Divorce is complex.

Divorcing clients are not like any other client.  A divorce can be one of the most stressful life events anyone may go through.  Regardless of your expertise, I will provide you and your clients the support necessary to navigate the financial aspect of the divorce process.


Learning and collaborating with the right divorce professionals is one of the most important added value you can give your clients. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I have specialized skills and experience that allows me to analyze the short- and long-term financial impact of a divorce.


Ways I can help...

  • Clients' Expectation Management

  • Analyze Financial Data

  • Create Budgets

  • Complete & review financial and equitable distribution affidavits

  • Help address client's financial concerns and explain both short- and long-term financial impact of settlement proposals

  • Manage clients' financial anxiety and fears

  • Provide guidance throughout process & beyond

I am also a Certified Divorce Specialist. I have received intensive training and I have specialized communication skills that allow me to work with or collaborate on low and high conflict divorce cases.


Clients deserve experts.

Whether you are an attorney, therapist, life coach or real estate broker, your clients deserve to have access to the best information, tools and experts available to them. 

I will help you and your clients to address their unique financial issues, guide them through the process so they can make better informed and educated financial decisions, with confidence.

Let's Work Together

Because of my extensive experience with divorcing clients and my thorough training, I understand the legal, financial, mental health, and real estate implications in the divorce process.  Reach out to connect so we can discuss ways in which I can add value to your practice and your clients.

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