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About Us


Our Founder

María’s passion is supporting women going through a divorce and bring clarity at a confusing time, provide education and resources, and be a support system when they must make difficult financial decisions that will significantly impact their future.

She thrives in the hope that more women find the resources to better understand and manage the ever-changing emotions of a divorce to an ever after story which will serve their future and honor their past.

Due to the experience she gained through her own divorce, she cherishes the trust her clients place on her every day.  Her mission is for every and each woman going through a divorce or considering separation to know they are not alone, that it is okay to ask for help.  To believe in their hearts that they will rise from this dark cloud and become all they can be.  

Ever After Wealth

Women going through a divorce simply want everything to just get better and to make the best possible decisions while going through the emotions.  This does not mean they know what “better” looks like or how to move forward ….How could they? Divorce is not an event anyone ever envisions or prepares for.

Often, women avoid seeking counsel when they need it the most even, sometimes feel ashamed or guilty about their lack of knowledge about their own finances.  Ever After Wealth™ provides a safe place where women can be vulnerable and share their fears knowing they will receive the support and education to find the right answers to their unique circumstances.

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Our Clients

Women going through a divorce or considering separation are emotionally exhausted as their world has been turned upside down and overwhelmed by the number of decisions needing to be made.  Sometimes it may feel that is better not to decide than making a bad decision.

Ever After Wealth™ is the bridge which takes women’s journey through divorce from uncertainty to security and from fear to confidence. Our role is not to decide what they should do but to guide them through the process so they can understand their own financial circumstances, define new priorities and take the first steps towards a new life with peace of mind.


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