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At Ever After Wealth we are uniquely qualified to provide financial clarity during divorce.

I had the pleasure to join Adam Coleman, CDLP® during one of his Divorce Literacy Podcast episodes with the Divorce Lending Association LLC.

We discussed the differences between a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and a Financial Advisor or CFP and the importance of carefully selecting the right professionals to support you during the overwhelming and often scary divorce process.

My past experience on the legal side of divorce and why it makes us at Ever After Wealth® uniquely qualified to support those going through a divorce or considering separation, as well as other divorce professionals allowing them to better serve their clients.

Follow the links below to listen to our conversation and If you or someone you care for is considering separation or going through a divorce please share this recording with them. The best way to fight fear is with information. This could be the first step to more confident financial decisions during this life changing event.

Learn more about us at or contact us at

María Iglesias Martínez, CDFA® CDS®

Divorce Financial Strategist/ Founder

Disclaimer-- To avoid any conflict of interest, Maria Gabriella Martinez, CDFA®, CDS® does not manage assets nor provide investment advice. She does not sell financial products and works strictly as a consultant.

María works with an exclusive number of individuals and couples each year in North Carolina and across the United States.


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