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Financial Divorce Decisions are usually clouded by fear. The best way to fight fear is with information.

I had the privilege to be a guest on Beverly Price, Divorce Coach Her Empowered Divorce Podcast where we shared an insightful conversation about the importance of the financial decisions made during the divorce process, the need to consult with the experts to support you during this transition, my unique experience in the divorce world and much more.

I know this heartfelt conversation will benefit those embarking on this confusing and overwhelming journey as well as those in the midst of it all, searching for some clarity.

Tune in here to listen:

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The decisions you are making today will affect you and your family for the rest of your life.

Do not delay your future.

María Gabriella Martínez, CDFA® NCPM® CDS®

Founder/Divorce Financial Strategist/ Mediator

Disclaimer-- To avoid any conflict of interest, Maria Gabriella Martinez, CDFA® NCPM® CDS® does not manage assets nor provide investment advice. She does not sell financial products and works strictly as a consultant.

We work with an exclusive number of individuals and couples each year in North Carolina and across the United States.


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